Jewelry making is a delicate and labor - intensive process, as a result of which perfection is born from gold or silver.

Today, the ZORKA jewelry factory, one of the leaders of the jewelry industry in Belarus, is engaged in the manufacture of jewelry in Minsk. Only the world's best technologies and modern equipment are used here, thanks to which the company is famous for a wide range of jewelry of the highest quality. All stages of production at the ZORKA factory are the scope of application of the huge talent and diligence of the craftsmen.

The production of jewelry itself consists of several stages, the duration of which is determined by many factors, the main of which is the complexity of the jewelry being made.

Any decoration begins with a sketch that expresses the features of its idea. Next, a special artist is connected to the process, who performs a 3D model using a special program that allows to determine the parameters of the jewelry, the carat value of the gemstone inserted into it, etc.

The finished sketch is transferred by a 3D artist to a jeweler for creating a plastic model of jewelry on a special 3D printer. This model repeats the intended product with an accuracy of hundredths of a millimeter, and then it is used to make a plaster mold, which is then used for casting gold or silver.

Next, a molten gold alloy of a certain probe is poured into the mold. On the basis of this we have a special elastic mold consisting of two halves. With the help of this elastic mold, a wax copy of jewelry is obtained. Using the wax copy a plaster mold is again made for casting a gold billet.

After casting a gold or silver billet, it is processed by a jeweler-fitter, from whose hands an almost finished polished jewelry comes out. Next, the stone is fixed, and then the final polishing and cleaning of the jewelry is carried out. 

The final stages of production are quality control, probing, branding and the issuance of an expert opinion on the jewelry, so that consumers are confident in the quality of the products they purchase.