To keep the products in good condition, it is necessary not only to handle them carefully, but also follow certain rules of care and maintenance.

The jewelry must be used in conditions that exclude their mechanical damage, as well as interaction with alkaline washing agents, substances containing chlorine and iodine, creams and ointments containing mercury or its compounds. When using jewelry with inserts, it is necessary to avoid rapidly changing temperatures. Not recommended to do homework in jewelry, take a shower, go to the sauna and pool, do sports.

Not recommended to leave a ring on your hand when doing household and other physical work, as its surface and stone can get scratches. Not recommended to allow contact with water if jewelry structure contains two sapphire glasses and stones enclosed between them, as this jewelry could darken.

Chains and bracelets are recommended to be removed before going to bed.

Despite the high chemical resistance of gold, dark spots may appear on jewelry of the 585 probe in places where they come into contact with the body (skin). After removing the product, it is necessary to wipe it with a suede or flannel cloth. However, wool fabric scratches the polished surface. It is recommended to wipe the jewelry every time after it has been in the hands to eliminate wet finger marks.

Products made of silver, especially 925 probe, fade and become covered with a dark coating as a result of exposure to a small amount of hydrogen sulfide contained in the air. Also humid environment contributes to the formation of dark spots the most.

Dark spots from silver products are removed by brushing with tooth powder, finely ground chalk or special means for cleaning silver.

In case of contamination of jewelry with natural or synthetic stones, they are washed in a weak soap solution, then rinsed with clean warm water and wiped with a flannel cloth. Pearls fade, lose their luster from sweat and fat, as well as from dampness; pearls can be damaged by sudden fluctuations in air temperature. To remove fatty deposits, the pearls are washed in soapy water, then rinsed and dried. It should be stored in a dry room.

Products with natural turquoise are not recommended to be washed at all, moisture is contraindicated to it. From exposure to soap foam, cosmetics, perfumes, water, acetone, acids and even sunlight, the color of turquoise can change dramatically. Turquoise products should be cleaned with dry suede, flannel or woolen cloth, moisture is contraindicated for it. Products with garnet inserts must be protected from the effects of rapidly changing temperatures, they are afraid of alkaline detergents.

It is best to store jewelry made of precious metals in special cases or caskets.

If you follow these simple rules and recommendations, your jewelry will delight you for a long time!